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Natural Linen Table Runner, Austra Tree Pattern

Natural Linen Table Runner, Austra Tree Pattern

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Highest linen/cotton tablecloth. It is woven jacquard fabric. Every item is made with love and with the power of mandala symbols.

HarmoMe Textile products combine natural materials and the harmony of mandala power. Each textile pattern carries light and a feeling of home. Harmony + Me. May there be no shortage of warmth at the hearth and harmony reigns in you and your family!

There is Austra tree embedded in the pattern. It is light, the Sun, as Austra is morning light. Austra tree or the tree of Sun, also the World Tree, depicts the structure of the world. It includes past, present, future. Our ancestors, us and our children. Austra tree promotes development, gives energy and advice. As Austra tree grows, light spreads in us and around us.

- 46% linen / 54% cotton

- available sizes:




- woven jacquard fabric

- both sided jacquard

- machine washable gentle

- the colors in the samples may vary slightly depending on the parameters of your computer screen

- ready to dispatch in 3 business days




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