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Sauna Towel/Sapropel Soap

Sauna Towel/Sapropel Soap

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We have prepared gift sets for you, in which we have combined textiles with wonderful products of Latvian craftsmen from natural raw materials, which will delight your loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues. Let it be warm and sweet!

Set of:

1. Sauna towel  -  There is Sun Mandala pattern embedded in a towel. The Sun is the symbol of Divine fire, eternal energy. It protects a man, his family and generation. The sun is the giving energy that shows a person the path to follow. As the Sun sign grows, the light in and around a person spreads.

- softened 46% linen/54% cotton

- Sizes:  67x133cm / 90x178cm

- both sided woven jacquard fabric

- machine washable gentle

2. Sapropel soap with lemon grass (Lakši)

Soaps are produced from a neutral organic base, where more than 95% of the ingredients are made from natural products. 70% of soap ingredients are organic products. Soap moisturizes the skin, gently cleanses, gives softness and a pleasant smell. Aloe vera and glycerin soften the skin and make it velvety smooth

Weight: 90g

Main ingredients: Calendula extract, birch extract, aloe extract

- ready to dispatch in 3 business days




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